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Feel safe in the knowledge that your companion will be staying in a hotel with access to first rate medical care if required. Perfect for the cat that is on existing medication or has a specific health requirement that needs to be tended to during their stay.

Whether it is only for a night’s stay or for a longer period of time, your cats every need will be catered for in our architecturally designed 5 star hotel.

Designed with the comfort and enjoyment of cats foremost in mind, the hotel boasts:
  • Large runs with viewing windows allowing your cat to bask in the sunshine whilst observing the comings and goings of the outside world
  • Cosy condominiums with separate sleeping and toileting areas for the comfort and privacy of your companion
  • Comfortable bedding and premium pet foods for optimum wellbeing
  • Large enclosed play area for daily exercise
  • Comfortable lounging area for owners and friends to visit with boarding cats
  • Daily monitoring of cats on medication by our on-staff Veterinarians and Nurses
  • Revolutionary ducted ventilation system that draws fresh air from the outside and delivers to each run or condominium in a continuous fashion. This is essential in reducing the risk of airborne diseases like cat flu
$37 Per Night
$49 Per Night
3-Storey Destination Villas

3-Storey Destination Villas

$42 Per Night
$80 Per Night


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