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Does my cat need to be vaccinated?

Yes, it is important that your cat is up to date with their vaccinations prior to boarding at our facility. However, should your cat need to have their vaccinations, our veterinarians at Balmain Veterinary Hospital can perform this on admission.

The minimum requirement for cats is to have a F3 vaccination, which provides immunity against feline enteritis and feline respiratory virus infections. For those who are also outdoors, vaccination against feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) is also recommended. Routine wellness exams provide a solid foundation for a lifetime of good health for your cat.

Is flea control absolutely necessary?

Fleas... Yuck! No one wants fleas. These critters are quick to jump from host to host so when cats are in in close proximity it is an easy for them to spread. This is why flea control is important and every cat must be up to date with a regular flea control product prior to boarding. Should your cat need this treatment, our nurses at Balmain Veterinary Hospital can apply this on admission.

Will my cat be let out to play?

Balmain Cat Boarding has installed a new Catmax Caboodle. This fun filled enclosure allows us to safely organise play sessions for your cat. They will have daily access to this enclosure with lots of room to stretch their legs, trim their nails on scratching posts, swing around on hammocks and play with new exciting toys.

There are no extra fees associated with daily playtime.

Can I bring my cat’s own food and provide their own bedding?

You are more than welcome to provide your cat’s meals for the duration of their stay if you would prefer. At Balmain Cat Boarding, we provide the highest quality premium cat food wet and dry, tailored to your cat’s life stage needs. Specialty veterinary diets such as urinary tract, diabetic or renal diets etc. are also available at our cattery.

We also provide all of our cats with thick comfortable bedding. Due to strict cleaning regimes and upkeep of hygiene standards, washing is carried out regularly so we would prefer that you do not bring their own bedding in just in case it is accidentally misplaced.

Can cats from the same family fit into the one accommodation style?

We can accommodate up to 3 cats from the same household boarding in the same hotel accommodation room. This service is only available in our 3-storey Modern Suite due to its luxury size.

Why do you charge per night instead of per day stays?

We charge on a per night basis to make things simpler! There is no extra charge for a late check out or even an early check in for your cat. You are more than welcome to drop your cat into their hotel accommodation or pick them up at any time within our trading hours that suits you best.

What happens if my cat gets sick while boarding?

We are located within a modern, well-equipped veterinary hospital, Balmain Veterinary Hospital. We are a family of dedicated staff consisting of veterinarians, nurses, receptionists, animal attendants and managers and are committed to providing both pets and owners with the highest level of care possible.

Members of our team will check all cats boarding at our cattery on a daily basis and they will all receive a complimentary veterinary health exam on admission. Should we feel that your cat is unwell at anytime during their stay, our vets will attend to their needs. If treatment is deemed necessary we will contact you and/or your secondary contact person (if un-contactable) to discuss further.

Is there a cancellation fee?

There are no cancellation and/or deposit fees except during the peak-boarding season of Christmas and Easter Holidays. During this period, a minimum booking of 7 days and a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total boarding costs will apply.


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