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Additional Services

At Balmain Cat Boarding, we know how to spoil our guests!

So don't forget the extra pampering options available for your cat while staying at our hotel including our complimentary services.

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Complimentary Veterinary Health Examination
Valued at $83.00

Feel safe in the knowledge that your pet will be staying in a hotel within a hospital. As a result, every pet that stays with us will receive a complimentary veterinary health examination upon arrival to the value of $83.00.

During the examination, the Veterinary Surgeon will examine your pet from head to tail.

On checkout, your pet will be provided with a health report card.

Complimentary weight loss clinic
Free bag of prescription diet food + tailored plan for your pet
Valued from $48.00

Are you worried about your companion’s weight? Have you tried to shift the weight to no avail?

If your pet’s weight concerns you, we offer a weight clinic whilst your pet is in boarding. This clinic includes:
  • Complimentary health check and baseline weight
  • Feeding regulation whilst in boarding
  • Smooth transition from existing diet to a prescription weight diet if desired.
  • Ongoing weight checks with our veterinarians on an ongoing basis to achieve desired weight
Getting weight off a cat can be extremely difficult given that many cats lead a sedentary lifestyle. Targeting obesity involves controlling what energy goes into a cat and manipulating the amount of energy they expend during their waking hours.

At Balmain Cat Boarding, we can give you some help in achieving a healthy weight for your pet.

Purrrfect Pedicure (Full nail trim)

Is your moggy in need of a bit of a trim? Are those nails getting a bit too long? Is your lounge-room looking more like a tailor’s parlour with bits of fabric all over the place?

Whilst staying with us, let us help you out. Ask us about giving your pet a full nail trim during their time with us.

The Zjoosh Me Up special
(Full brush out + nail trim + cologne)

Absolutely fabulous darling! The moggy makeover that he or she deserves!

If you feel that your feline friend needs a makeover or you just feel a good old fashioned comb out with extra attention is required, just let us know on admission to the hotel.

Tooth time?
20% off standard dental costs for our boarders

Has your pet been recommended a dental prophylaxis or surgery recently? During a stay with our hotel, take the opportunity to tend to those niggling little maintenance issues for your cat. One of the most important maintenance issues with your pet is maintaining their dental health.

Take advantage of our special 20% discount on regular prices for any pet that has a dental with us during their stay.

Senior Screening

As you know, for every year we age, your cat ages considerably. Did you know that any cat over the age of 9 is classified as a senior by the Australian Small Animal Veterinary Association?

Your cat, at 9, is considered to be the equivalent of a 52-year-old human. For every year your cat ages, they will generally age by 4 human years. At the age of 14, your cat will be considered a geriatric.

This classification will also change depending on the breed of your cat and the size of your cat.

As your cat ages, they are more likely to be afflicted by a medical condition. Many of these conditions are only detected via blood and urine tests. Often, owners have no idea that their pet is suffering from a medical condition (much like diabetes in humans).

Many of these medical conditions, if diagnosed early, can be either cured or treated. This often results in the extension of your pets life and increasing their quality of life and general well being.

One of the most common medical conditions to affect elderly cats is Hyperthyroidism. This disease, if not detected early in its onset, will cause many health problems for your pet that can be life threatening, including high blood pressure, detached retinas, disease of the heart and kidney disease. Luckily, the disease can easily be detected with a simple blood test.

Even better, if detected, this condition can be cured and many of the above mentioned secondary disease processes could be avoided.

As a result, we recommend annual ‘senior screens’ for cats older than 9 years of age. This screen involves a simple blood and urine test.

If you would like us to perform a senior screen on your pet whilst they are in boarding, please let our receptionists know on drop off.


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